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Center for pediatric medicine Helena ("Polyclinic Helena") is a privately run health care clinic, established at the end of 2005.

We are specialized in caring for the needs of children from infancy through young adulthood. We provide general and specialized pediatric care, newborn care, preventive health care, developmental pediatric care and therapeutic care for all kinds of childhood diseases. Serving as primary care physicians for children, we coordinate their care and refer them to specialty consultations when necessary. We also have different full time and part time doctors specialized in different areas of pediatric medicine. Your child will receive quality care provided by the excellent child specialists, in a setting organized to maximize personal, caring touch that is especially important for children.

Our clinic is organized as a modern playroom. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art medical devices and provides holistic approach to every child. We perform most diagnostic procedures and treatments on ambulatory and outpatient basis. This way psychological trauma is minimized, hospitalism and secondary hospital infections are avoided. The key to our success is the first-rate educated staff and complete and fast service, all in one place.

General pediatrics

Pediatric primary service is opened every weekday, from 8 AM until 8 PM, and on Saturdays providing all preventive activities: vaccination, thorough check-ups and counseling. We focus on physical and developmental milestones, and the social and emotional health of your child. Furthermore, we provide a complete care of acutely sick children, including fast diagnostics (complete blood count – CBC, C-reactive protein – CRP, urine and rapid strep test – RST) and therapy (inhalation, aspiration, administering antibiotics intramuscularly and intravenously, IV rehydration, etc.).

Pediatric nephrology and urology

One of the most important fields of our work are pediatric nephrology and urology. We deal with children with urinary system malformations, with dysfunctions of lower urinary tract, enuresis (bed-wetting), neurogenic bladder, and we have been following the largest number of children with various forms of spina bifida in Croatia and the whole area. We are using the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for diagnosing these conditions, such as urodynamic testing and contrast-enhanced ultrasound voiding cystography. Ultrasound cystography is a modern diagnostic procedure for vesicoureteral reflux that does not use ionizing radiation. We have also introduced ultrasound video-urodynamics that can simultaneously diagnose bladder dysfunctions and vesicoureteral reflux. We were the first in the region to introduce urotherapy with biofeedback and “Voiding School”, based on the most successful Scandinavian model for children with urinary disorders and urinary tract malformations. Our nephrologists also follow children with other renal disorders and in cases when hospitalization or surgical procedures are necessary they arrange inpatient care. Furthermore, we provide consultations for pregnant women with prenatal confirmation of urinary malformations.

Pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition

We provide care for children with acute and chronic gastrointestinal and nutritional problems. Our Clinic offers full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for children with gastroenterological symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, chronic diarrhea, and acute and chronic liver conditions. For children with neurogenic colon and with long-term constipation of other causes or stool leakage we provide anorectal manometry with biofeedback, i.e. bowel training exercises. We also provide all types of allergy tests (skin prick test, total and specific IgE level, epicutaneous atopy patch test), accompanied by diet counseling in cases of allergies. We have counseling centre for healthy children nutrition, as well as for children with malnutrition, obesity, eating disorders or special dieting resulting from a specific chronic disease, and we provide breastfeeding education and support. We would like to point out that our clinic also provides rapid coeliac disease test from capillary blood – it is reliable and over in just 10 minutes.

Pediatric cardiology and fetal echocardiography

We provide consultations by a pediatric cardiologist. This specialist, apart from a regular check-up, electrocardiogram (ECG) and cardiac ultrasound, can perform prenatal testing of cardiac malformations through fetal echocardiography. We perform pre-sports physicals for child athletes.

Pediatric allergies and respiratory diseases

Furthermore, in cases of respiratory diseases or allergy symptoms our center provides consultations by a pediatric pulmologist or allergist, as well as spirometry and allergological testing for inhalatory allergens, along with consultations on treatments and performing inhalation therapy.

Other pediatric specialists

Our Polyclinic also provides services of other specialists in different areas of pediatric medicine when required; we have established cooperation with both domestic and foreign medical experts. We arrange additional diagnostics, examinations, surgical or non-surgical treatments at other private or state-run facilities and provide consultations with foreign experts.

Our doctors are among the best child specialists in the area and have been educated at the most prestigious American and European medical centers such as: Children‘s Hospital Seattle, Children’s Hospital Boston- Harvard Medical School, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, King’s College Hospital London, UK and various European hospitals. Both, our doctors and nurses are continuously improving their knowledge and skills; they are participating in student education, they are frequently invited as guest lectures at numerous medical meetings in our country and abroad and they are included in pediatric scientific projects.
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