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Pediatric Center of Excellence

Clinic for Pediatric Medicine Helena  is the largest private health institution in Croatia and the entire region specialized in various activities of pediatric medicine. High level of expertise and continuous education of our medical staff, individualized approach every patient and clinical situation are guaranteed top-notch health care in all areas of health care for small patients: prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.  

Our Physicians


International Patient Service

Clinic for pediatric Medicine Helena offers professional and personalized care tailored specifically for the individual needs of international patients and families by providing following assistance:

• requests for information about services, programs and physicians,
• allocating most skilled physician to meet patient's specific needs,
• appointment scheduling, including consultations and follow-up care,
• communications assistance with physicians,
• cost estimation and billing arrangements.

For more information, please contact us on dedicated mobile phone +385.91.6221.468 or e-mail us on
We look forward assisting you with your child's healthcare needs.


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