Center for Ultrasound & Contrast – Enhanced Ultrasound

Thanks to the European Union Project, a state-of-the-art ultrasound device was acquired for contrast ultrasound examinations, which we first started to perform in Croatia in 2006. We were the first in Croatia to introduce the diagnosis of vesicoureteral reflux without radiation (ceVUS, English "contrast enhanced voiding urosonography"), which was introduced in the algorithm of the Croatian Pediatric Nephrology Society in 2017 and is today the first method for the diagnosis and monitoring of VUR. We also introduced ceUS, a contrast ultrasound for diseases of the liver, kidneys and other organs. Promoted "Image gently" approach, i.e. not using radiation in childhood. We have been organizing international courses and education in pediatric ultrasound and contrast ultrasound for many years.

In the multidisciplinary Center for Ultrasound (US) we offer:

  • US of abdominal organs
  • US of kidneys and bladder
  • US of the heart
  • US of the brain
  • US of the hips
  • Ultrasound of superficial organs (thyroid, breast, lymph nodes, musculoskeletal)
  • US of the lumbosacral spine
  • Contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography (ceVUS) – for diagnostics and monitoring of vesicoureteral reflux
  • Contrast ultrasound (ceUS) for focal and diffuse the liver, spleen, other parenchyma abdominal organs, cystic kidney disease and other indications
  • Color Doppler of all blood vessels
  • TCCD – transcranial ultrasound of brain blood vessels
  • Fetal ultrasound of the heart and urinary system


Instructions for 48-hour drinking and voiding diary

Preparation for contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography

Preparation for urodynamic testing

Articles for parents