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Pediatric Allergology & Pulmonology


  •  infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract
  • chronic cough
  • acute bronchiolitis
  • acute and cronic bronchitis
  • acute and chronic laryngitis / tracheitis
  • pneumonia
  • asthma
  • atopic and contact dermatitis
  • acute and chronic urticaria
  • GERD (as a comorbidity of asthma and allergic diseases)
  • allergic rhinitis / rhinosinusitis
  • Food allergies
  • congenital and acquired anomalies of the respiratory system
  • chronic lung diseases
  • immune disorders in pulmonary patients

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

      • allergy testing: skin prick test – inhalation, nutritional allergens, preservatives atopy patch test – nutritional allergy
            • prick test – inhalacijski alergeni, nutritivni alergeni, konzervansi

            • atopy patch test – nutritivni alergeni, kontaktni alergeni, konzervansi, aditivi i bojila

        • laboratory diagnostics of allergic and lung diseases:
              • total IgE antibiodies, spec. IgE antibiodies on inhalation, nutritional allergens and venom toxins, subclasses of IgG antibodies, antiHbS antibodies

              • diagnosis of tuberculosis (bacteriological analysis of sputum, interferon – gamma – Quantiferon test)

          • pulmonary functional diagnostics:
                • spirometry

                • bronchodilation test

                • FeNO

            • inhalation therapy

            • specific immunotherapy:
                  • sublingual

                  • subcutaneous

                  • inhalation allergenes

              • specific IgE testing to drugs (penicillin)

              • skin drug testing

              • Expert opinion on vaccination / drug allergies / insect bite sensitivity

              • food sensibility test

              • immunisation under supervision

              • advising parents and patients on the prevention of infections and allergies

              • asthma school education

              • respiratory physical therapy /respiratory drainage


            Preparation for allergy testing

            24-hour pH monitoring (esophageal pH test)

            Articles for parents