About our Clinic

The Helena Clinic for Pediatric Medicine, established in 2005, is a multipurpose facility specialized in the healthcare of children and young people. Along with preventive health care and treatment, the Helena Clinic regularly conducts numerous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, thus providing comprehensive healthcare for young patients in line with modern European principles in pediatric medicine. The whole Clinic is organized as a playroom and equipped with the most modern medical devices intended for children. The key to success is the continuous education of the medical staff, availability to patients and a complete and full service, all in one place.

Since July 2017 the Clinic has been operating in a new location – in Knez Branimir Street in Zagreb – in a new, completely updated facility. Owing to the EU project, the well-known building of the old oil factory, originally built in 1912 according to the design by the famous Croatian architect Vjekoslav Heinzel, was completely renovated. The new and significantly enlarged space of the Clinic has been completely adapted to the needs of young patients and equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation medical devices.

From July 2023, the branch office at Ljudevita Posavskog 31, which is organized as a Center for neuropediatrics, rehabilitation and early intervention with experienced specialists in neuropediatrics, rehabilitation, speech therapy and psychology, will start operating. Thanks to a new EU project, this unique private highly specialized center is equipped with new sophisticated equipment intended for early diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation.

Along with our general medical activities, the Helena Clinic is renowned as a Regional center of excellence for children with neurogenic urinary bladder and bowel dysfunction. These are children with spina bifida, tumors, or who have experienced spinal and pelvic traumas, surgeries etc. Children with such illnesses and disorders are chronic patients, with life-long conditions and therefore need continual and focused healthcare, especially during the most vulnerable period of their development. Such patients receive comprehensive care from a team of well-experienced experts with narrow-field specializations, educated at the world’s very best medical centers.

Modern diagnostic methods available at the Helena Clinic:

  • contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography (ceVUS), diagnosing vesicoureteral reflux without radiation
  • ultrasound video-urodynamic for lower urinary tract disorders
  • anorektalna manometrija za poremećaje stolice
  • 24 satna pH-metrija jednjaka za dokazivanje želučanog refluksa
  • comprehensive ultrasound diagnostics, including fetal echocardiography and all contrast-enhanced ultrasound tests
  • spirometry, FENO
  • all allergy testing

Helena Clinic also provides unique treatments and education:

  • “Voiding School” for children with bed-wetting, and all other kinds of voiding disorders
  • Biofeedback exercises
  • Neuromodulation
  • Pelvic floor exercises for treating dysfunctional voiding and defecation
  • GIGER MD – a modern biofeedback rehabilitating device from Switzerland
  • Therapeutic feeding program for children with chewing problems and problems getting used to the tastes and textures of food.

We provide Therapeutic feeding program for children with chewing disorders and issues with adjusting to the taste and texture of food. It integrates posture, sensory, motor, learning, medical and nutritional factors to evaluate comprehensively and manage children with feeding and weight problems. The Helena Clinic cooperates successfully with other private and state-run medical facilities, both in Croatia and abroad. It is a contracting partner with the Croatian Health Fund and numerous private insurance companies. Parents are also able to receive consultation via email or Skype.

Our medical staff are continuously undergoing training and education; they also participate in scientific and clinical studies, taking an active role in medical symposia, congresses and courses, as well as in the Schools of Medicine in Zagreb and Osijek, and the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb. The experts from the Helena Clinic have been organizing international courses and education on pediatric ultrasound, contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography and urodynamics for many years now.

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