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Preparation for allergy testing

In order for an allergy test to be reliable it is important to follow the instructions below:

  • the child should not be acutely ill at the time of the test (have a temperature, infection or acute allergic reaction)
  • preferably do not take antibiotics (except for prophylactic doses)
  • if your child is already on antihistamines, other allergy medication, or is taking over-the-counter cold medicines, they should be stopped, as they may interfere with the test results. Patients need to refrain from taking following groups of medications at least 5 days prior to testing:
      • antihistamines (e.g.Rinolan®, Claritine®, Telfast®, Aerius®, Fenistil®)
      • systemic corticosteroid (S.Medrol®, Dexamethason®, etc.)
      • sedatives
  • the child may take inhalations as well as asthma control drugs such as Flixotide®, Fliksonase®, Tafen®, Seretide®, Symbicort®, Tafen nasal®, Nasonex®, as well as Singulair®
  • the child should be well hydrated