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Instructions for biofeedback in voiding disorders

Biofeedback is a technique enabling children to gain control over the muscles involved in voiding by using signals from their own bodies. Several methods are available for children with voiding disorders, depending on the type of disorder and the goal we want to achieve. With some children an EMG device measuring muscle activity is used and the children are taught how to relax their muscles or gain control over the activities of certain muscles. Self-adhesive electrodes are placed on the pelvic muscles and connected to a computer on the urodynamic device. Then the computer turns the electric impulses from the muscles into the movements of cartoon characters. Children can watch a cartoon, move the characters and play a videogame by contracting and relaxing the muscles that normally control the urinating process. With some children neuromodulation and neurostimulation techniques are used to stimulate the targeted nerves that control the bladder or pelvic muscles.

Here we would like to point out that all of the above procedures are non-invasive, do not use catheterisation and cause no pain.

When coming for biofeedback exercises, please follow these instructions:

  1. Come in good time; you will spend 1-2 hours in our Clinic
  2. Please inform us at least 24h in advance if you need to cancel
  3. Only one adult person is allowed to accompany the child
  4. Bring at least half a litre of fluid
  5. The child should defecate in the evening or morning prior to the biofeedback therapy
  6. Biofeedback is not applied during urinary infections or elevated body temperature
  7. During the neuromodulation the child must remain calm for at least half an hour, so please bring a book, a game, a videogame or an IPad.