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Prof. Andrea Cvitković Roić, MD, PhD

Professor of Pediatics, Pediatrician, Pediatric Nephrologist, Head of Nephrology and Urology Unit

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Andrea Cvitković Roić is skilled pediatrician with more than 15 years of experience in the field of pediatric nephrology. She graduated from School of Medicine, University of Zagreb and completed pediatric residency training at Children’s Hospital Zagreb. She was the Head of Nephrology, Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology Department during her last year in Children’s hospital Zagreb before she joined Clinic Helena in 2005. She was trained at the world’s top pediatric hospitals in Seattle, Boston, London, Ghent, Vienna, Goteborg, Utrecht, Aarhus etc. and learned from leading experts in the field of pediatric nephrology, ultrasound and pediatric urodynamics. She established the first Urodynamic Unit in Children’s Hospital Zagreb and was the first to introduce the biofeedback therapy for voiding disorders in Croatia. She is professor of pediatrics and a lecturer at the Medical School University of Zagreb and University of Osijek, Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (JUREI) and at different postgraduate courses. She is the author of many scientific articles which are cited in the international indexes. Along with her team at Clinic for pediatric medicine Helena she organizes international courses in the field of pediatric ultrasound, contrast-enhanced ultrasound voiding cystography and urodynamics. She is the vice-president of Croatian Society for Pediatric Nephrology and a member of several medical associations and societies: Croatian Medical Society, Croatian Pediatric Society, Croatian Society for Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation; International Children’s Continence Society and European Society of Pediatric Nephrology. She has been invited as a lecturer to numerous scientific congresses and courses, both in Croatia and abroad and received numerous awards for her publications. Dr. Cvitković’s areas of interest are children with urinary tract anomalies, voiding dysfunction and neurogenic bladder with special emphasis on spina bifida and “image gently” in pediatrics.