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Instructions for biofeedback in defecation disorders

Biofeedback is a technique used in children with defecation disorders and/or fecal incontinence. This technique enables children to gain control over the muscles involved in defecating and that prevent fecal incontinence. This means the children are taught how to recognize in good time the signals of faeces moving down into the lower part of the colon, to exercise pelvic muscle coordination and to achieve normal defecation. In cases of fecal incontinence, fecal retention is exercised.

How are the exercises performed?

By means of self-adhesive electrodes placed around the anus and/or a balloon in the lower part of the colon (defecation stimulation) the children try to perform exercises properly involving the muscles used in the defecation process. The movements are then converted into a digital record and further transformed into animation so the children can see cartoon characters moving around on the screen if they are performing the exercise correctly. In this way the children are able to correct their dysfunctions through playing games. Another good thing is that they can practice the same exercises at home after properly mastering them.

We would like to point out that this technique is non-invasive and painless.

When coming for biofeedback exercises, please follow these instructions:

  1. Come in good time; you will spend 1-2 hours in our Clinic
  2. Please inform us at least 24h in advance if you need to cancel
  3. Only one adult person is allowed to accompany the child
  4. Bring some fluids
  5. The child should defecate in the evening or morning prior to the biofeedback therapy