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Instructions for 48-hour drinking and voiding diary

A diary of fluid intake and voiding is kept over a period of two days, preferably at weekends when the children are at home. This gives us an insight into the children’s habits of fluid intake and voiding dynamics. During that period, the children should urinate into a vessel in order to measure the volume (using beakers, detergent cups, syringes and the like)

Write the following data into the first column:

  • time of fluid intake
  • type of fluid (water, tea, juice, soup, milk, yoghurt, etc)
  • fluid volume (e.g. 1.5 dcl tea at 8 a.m.)

Write the following data into the second column:

  • time of voiding
  • volume of urine

If the children have night wetting, they should be woken up 1 and 4 hours after falling asleep, be given the opportunity to void and a note made as above.

If the child wears a diaper overnight, it is enough to weigh the wet diaper in the morning.